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We complete more than 500 project so far, here some of our achivements 🥳

7 great years together, as the technology provider of Momento, we reached 300K card user in 2022
A difference that makes a difference... We launch DentureX AR application for dental technologies of Straumann Group.
We took place in the list of top ten finance application in Turkey with the application “Messt” ! 🏅
We designed two new marketing tools for Vodafone Business Technology Teams in one year, as a result of a great collaboration.
We are one of the technology partners Ikea: We are one of the technology partners
Now, we are the 2023 digital strategy consultant of ClearCorrect 💖
We developed YemekPay by collabrating with Delivery Hero Team!
We are designing integrated systems for Vigo teams.
We have completed +200 projects today with Alphadog, one of the oldest partner of us!! 🖤
Thanks to Ryno Creative Hub! We are so proud to be part of a great sustainability campaing of Koroplast.
We designed a unique multiplayer game experience for Digi-Stage to improve team building activities with digital analysis.
We developed Obilet API integrated portal, to enable bus companies to have a website to sell tickets for more than 50 million users!
Venture ventures teams also work for Doğuş Teknoloji backed, accelarated startups!
With the leadership of Turkish Herritage Organization we had a chance to be the technology partner of Nato Fellowship Programme!
As a reliable partner, we are providing e-commerce integrated software solutions for tazemasa.com for 4 years.