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Vanora Ventures’ın Hikayesi


The Venture Studio idea born out of a startup story!

The story of Vanora Ventures begins with Abdurrahman's founding of Ackare in 2013, believing that success in internet startups is only possible with a strong technology team and experienced project management with startup teams. The company, which produced its first product in New York, later established its own software teams and infrastructure in Turkey, validating the Venture Studio model by providing software support to strong technology startups in Turkey such as Momento, Smart Advice, and TazeMasa.

In 2018, Ackare merged with Alca Digital the company owned by Can, which had been producing creative technology solutions for brands and agencies since 2015, to form a technology company structure that offered a wider range of technology solutions. With this new partnership structure, they completed more than 300 technology projects and were involved in more than 40 award-winning projects. In 2020, they launched the artificial intelligence marketing technology, Medialyzer, further strengthening their R&D teams. They rebranded as Vanora Ventures in 2021.