GROVTH PROGRAM / Digital fuel for your business!
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VONBringing ideas to life

If you are an ambitious entrepreneurs, this could be the day that
will change your life completely!

You have a great idea, you dreamed about it, searched about it,
and made a business plan for it. If you are ready to share
your idea with us we will be happy to guide you!
An experience technology team which is assigned to your project
Minimum 50.000$ initial investment to expand your business
And great offers for your digital marketing road map
First Step:
Realizing Idea
First of all, you need to validate that your idea is unique before you go for it! To do this, you can use this set of questions as a helpful guide.
  • Is your idea possible and desirable? Opportunity Validation
  • Who will be your potential customers? Target Market
  • What is your offer? Value Proposition
  • Is there any competitior? Market Research
  • What are your unique strengths and weaknesses? Competitive Analysis
  • How do you plan to achieve your goal? Core Strategy
  • What will you spend money on? Expenses
  • How will you gain money? Revenue Model
And don’t forget it is also so important to be global in today’s global environment! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Second Step:
Turning Idea Into Product
Secondly, perhaps one of the most challenging parts of the process comes with creating your team. But don't worry 😌, with the VON Program, you already have a whole experienced technology team as your partner.
  • The feature set of your product is determined by analyzing your target market by our market team.
  • For the most impressive and effective use of your product, the UI & UX design will be handled by our talented design team.
  • An easy-to-use, engaging, and suitable MVP will come to life in the hands of our development team.
  • And all aspects of the roadmap will be managed by our project managers to ensure that everything is completed on time and meets your requirements.
Last Step:
Shine Brightly
Being perfect takes time. Your product should be improved again and again as you gather customer feedback and measure your business results to adapt to the market.
  • VON Program includes 9 months of free support that will continue until you are proud of your product
  • You will need capital to expand, VON Program guarantees 50K USD initial investment for your idea.
  • For smart decisions in the competitive industry, our marketing team has great offers for your growth period.
  • And of course, Vanora team will be there for you as yourt partner mentally, professionally and monetarily.
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What is a venture studio?
Venture Studios help entrepreneurs to realize their products and services. Venture Studios invest in startups with their team to build businesses together. In VON, we are all in for tech startup ideas, we aim to become a partner with them through our technical knowledge and experience.
When is the right time to apply?
If you have a great idea, you dreamed about it, searched about it, and made a business plan for it, now's the right time.
What support should I expect?
VON program provides experience in product, design, engineering, growth, and mentoring.
How do I apply?
If you have an idea, if you start to ideate about it, you can send us your application through the Form.
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