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Vanora Ventures IDEALAB

With the rapid development of technology, many companies with years of experience and data in a particular industry have been presented with new opportunities. While these opportunities can significantly accelerate a company's growth, taking advantage of them and producing a new product is not always a smooth process. There are many reasons for this, but the main challenge comes from the difficulty of creating a new venture within a corporate structure.

As a venture studio, Vanora Ventures includes all the technology teams that a venture may need in order to bring it to life. These technology teams, which can move quickly in line with the nature of venture development, not only develop the software of a product but also include R&D, artificial intelligence, strategy, and analysis teams that work intensively to design the product to be more efficient, cost-effective, and profitable.

IDEALAB was built in 2023 as a department where these technology teams work with companies from different industries and different challenges by integrating with their teams for certain periods and examine their data and processes. They work on how the experience, user behavior data, and statistics acquired by companies through their years of operation can be leveraged for different revenue methods with new products, along with machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. They plan the development process of these products and manage project management stages.

IDEALAB teams not only work on idea development but also provide full support with the necessary teams for designing products with special services for their users, creating technology architecture, and developing them effectively and efficiently until the end of the process.

If you want to work on how your company's potential can be developed with new technologies or how you can create a new area for collaboration, IDEALAB teams can also work with your teams to produce ideas for you. If you would like to meet them, just send an email to hello@vanoraventures.com