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Medialyzer ile Tan─▒┼č─▒n: TV Reklamlar─▒n─▒ Optimize Eden Yapay Zek├ó Teknolojisi


Meet the Medialyzer: Using AI to Optimize TV Advertising

Television advertising has traditionally been considered more challenging to optimize compared to digital advertising, due to several factors. For one, TV ads are typically more expensive, making it difficult to test different creative and targeting strategies without incurring significant costs. Additionally, the longer lead time required to produce and air TV ads can limit the ability to make quick adjustments based on performance data.

Moreover, TV ads are often seen by a broader audience, making it harder to target specific demographics or interests. On the other hand, digital advertising platforms like Google and Facebook provide advanced targeting capabilities, enabling advertisers to focus on specific audiences and optimize campaigns accordingly.

To improve the process of optimizing TV ads, Medialyzer uses artificial intelligence technology to track and identify products featured in TV ads. It then adjusts the budget for internet ads according to the competition's ads displayed on the screen, managing traffic from the advertising volume.

By analyzing television channels and programs, Medialyzer can decide which ads will perform better after certain programs, leading to increased form-fill rates and sales for products advertised. This not only makes the work of advertising agencies and marketing departments easier but also increases profits while optimizing the money spent on TV ads, which is considered higher than that spent on digital ads.

The Medialyzer not only increases profits but also optimizes the money spent on TV ads, providing more resources for marketing activities. By using AI to analyze and adjust TV ads, Medialyzer is making it easier for companies to optimize their TV ad campaigns and improve their return on investment.

As a Vanora-backed startup, Medialyzer worked for more than 30 brands and has won multiple awards to date.

  • 'Best Measurement Technology' with Vodafone Turkey / 2022 Martech Awards
  • '360 Degree Integrated Brand Experience' with Danone & Wavemaker Turkey / 2022 Brandverse Awards
  • 'Best Measurement Technology' / 2020 Martech Awards
  • 'Best Martech Startup' / 2020 Martech Awards
  • 'Best Data Usage' with GroupM and Garanti BBVA. / 2020 Martech Awards

If you need more information you can visit medialyzer.com