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Working as a Developer at Venture Studio

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Working as a Developer at Venture Studio

Dear reader, I'm Fatih, working as a backend developer at Vanora Ventures. I evaluated working at Vanora in 5 different aspects:Diversity and Flexibility

Working on various projects at the studio exposes me to different requirements and user profiles. Planning processes, user habits, and unique project needs require different approaches for each task, providing me with a wide range of experiences.

Cross-Collaboration and Teamwork

At the venture studio, I interact with different teams such as design, analysis, product management, frontend, etc., to create the final product. We clash various perspectives in multiple iterations to achieve a more ideal and sustainable product. Being part of the collaborative abilities of the venture studio model has enhanced my collaboration skills and perspective on software products significantly.

Management Approach and Proactive Attitude

Here, managers also play the role of product owners (POs). Experienced managers being a crucial part of the process enables us to make faster and more effective decisions, eliminating factors that hinder project progress. The "hands-on" approach sometimes solves problems before they arise or turn into crises, while also increasing compatibility between teams and preventing misunderstandings.

Business Model and Experience Comparison

Having worked in both corporate and startup environments, I can say Vanora Ventures significantly stands out from other business models. While it shares similarities with startups, it is more systematic and versatile. This dynamic and entrepreneurship-supporting model encourages specialization while teaching a holistic perspective.

Workplace Environment and Sources of Inspiration

In this warm and talented environment, there's a team focused on problem-solving, encouraging the learning process, and generously sharing knowledge. Working in such an environment where we develop products for entrepreneurs' growth journeys, success stories, and motivation creates a stimulating and inspiring atmosphere.

While working at Vanora, I feel immersed in a creative environment. The development journeys, success stories, and motivation of the entrepreneurs we work with inside are enlightening and inspiring, providing an excellent opportunity to think big and push boundaries.